Out Among the Stars

Moroccan artist, Sara Ouhaddou, embarked on a cross-country US road-trip, from East to West coast, in search of stories behind the shared symbol of the five-pointed star in both Islamic and American culture. Against the backdrop of an increasingly xenophobic United States, Ouhaddou invited both Moroccan and American craftsmen to collaborate on a new version of the star, one that can transcend national and international divisions, and act as a bridge the two cultures.

Release Date

January 2017

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Sara Ouhaddou 7 Culturunners

Sara Ouhaddou

Born in France to a traditional Moroccan family, Ouhaddou began her career as a designer for fashion brands, but later gravitated towards a social art practice, specifically addressing the challenges facing the artisan craftsmen community in Morocco. Her practice questions the availability of design as a tool for economic, social and cultural development with a focus on the Arab world. Out Among The Stars is an ongoing project with CULTURUNNERS realised through a series of journeys which link Moroccan and American craftsmen, and explore traditional star patterns found in both Islamic art and Western popular culture. Sara’s artistic practice has always functioned as a kind of conduit between artisans working with Islamic patterns in Morocco and the contemporary world in Europe and now for the first time in the US. In 2016, Sara and CULTURUNNERS embarked on a cross-country road-trip across North America to create an improved ‘constellation' based on the star found in both Morocco’s and America’s national flags; through innovation in shape, material and context, the project challenges established symbolism, and generates new meaning related to contemporary concerns.

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