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Los Angeles-based artist, Almigdad Aldikhaiiry was born in Omdurman, Sudan

A graduate of the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, Almigdad Aldikhaiiry began his professional career in 2000 as a political cartoonist while living under the dictatorship of President al-Bashir. Over the course of fifteen years, Aldikhaiiry expressed the people’s sentiments against the oppressive regime and his work became widely published in major newspapers throughout the Middle East. In 2016, Aldikhaiiry came to Los Angeles while political unrest was surging and security concerns were on the rise in Sudan. Fearing persecution due to his political opinions, Aldikhaiiry applied for, and was granted, refugee status in America.

Now living and working in Los Angeles, Aldikhaiiry continues to be engaged through political visual works that render visible the truths about our changing environment. His most recent series and the focus of White Color’s exhibition eARTh matters explores climate change and engages with our current production systems that contribute to it. The paintings represent visually stunning interpretations of subjects including the ozone layer, tsunamis, deforestation and melting glaciers, while also speaking to the benefits of alternative energy and to the beauty of our natural world.

Whether the long-term, significant changes in our environment happen naturally or in response to human activities, the evidence for rapid climate change is compelling and art can make a difference in the way we, as a global community, respond to it. – Hana Pietri Gallery


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Degrees of Separation, 2019
Oil on canvas
48 x 72 inches

Environmental Princess, 2020
Oil on canvas
78 x 78 inches

Almigdad in his Los Angeles studio

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