CULTURUNNERS collaborates with artists and film-makers to produce and broadcast original content, offering alternative perspectives on the the most critical issues of our time.

  • Chip Thomas
  • Khaled Jarrar
  • Mona Chalabi
  • Ahmed Mater
  • Khalid Al Baih
  • Rashad Salim
  • Ajlan Gharem
  • Shaweesh
  • Nugamshi
  • Abdulnasser Gharem
  • Matthew Mazzotta
  • Balquis Al Rashed
  • Ahaad Alamoudi
  • Matteo Lonardi
  • Hannah Rose Thomas
  • Healing Arts Initiative
  • The Future is Unwritten
  • Bridges Tour
  • Crossing the Line
  • Mecca Journeys
  • The Main Idea
  • Ark Re-imagined
  • We The People

Khaled's Ladder

Palestinian artist, Khaled Jarrar, travels along the US / Mexican border from San Diego / Tijuana to El Paso / Juarez, making a new artwork that takes the border wall as its raw material.

A Prayer for Mecca

Against the backdrop of the annual Hajj, Saudi artist Ahmed Mater reveals unprecedented changes to the holy city of Mecca – from flashy new hotels to the loss of priceless neighbourhoods.

The Story of Civil Rights is Unfinished

Khalid Albaih, a Sudanese political cartoonist, explores race, politics, and the shared struggle for human and civil rights between the Arab World and the United States.

A Culture We Have Been Trained to Fear

A group of young Saudi Arabian artists travel from Texas to California, exhibiting their work and confronting their audience’s fears, prejudices and stereotypes.

A Saudi Artist at Standing Rock

After the US Army Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the Dakota Access pipeline, Saudi Arabian artist Ahmed Mater joins protesters at Standing Rock to celebrate their victory.

UN75: Art in The Time of Coronavirus

Influential art world voices explore the role and value of art when facing systemic-level, global threats like COVID-19. This UN75 dialogue was held on Earth Day to highlight Coronavirus' connection to our ecological emergency.

UN75: Medicine Men, The Art of Health

This UN75 Moderated Dialogue in partnership with the World Health Organization brought together physician artists and curators to explore the healing power of art as a driver for improved health, education and social justice at this critical time.

UN75: Rising Waters / Resilient Cultures

Following the postponement of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, this discussion brought together voices from the world of art, architecture and advocacy to explore cultural resilience and the need for innovation and imagination in the face of rising sea levels.

UN75: Indigenous Voices / Listening for Tomorrow

This UN75 Moderated Dialogue brings together cultural leaders working with First Nation communities in the United States and Canada.

ArtX - Stumbling is not Falling

Khalid AlBaih hosted an exhibition entitled 'Stumbling is not Falling' at the end of his month-long 'Freedom' residency in New York with ArtX and the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC).

Reframe Saudi

Reframe Saudi is a VR documentary that sheds light on a pioneering generation of artists who have carved a creative space within Saudi Arabia.

Bridges - 10 City Tour

In June 2016, a group of Saudi artists acted upon a dream to discover the people and diversity of America—from the East to West coast–trekking across the US interstate highway system and major cities on a mission to collaborate with the communities they encountered.

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