CULTURUNNERS collaborates with artists and film-makers to produce and broadcast original content, offering alternative perspectives on the the most critical issues of our time.

  • Chip Thomas
  • Khaled Jarrar
  • Mona Chalabi
  • Ahmed Mater
  • Khalid Al Baih
  • Rashad Salim
  • Ajlan Gharem
  • Shaweesh
  • Nugamshi
  • Abdulnasser Gharem
  • Matthew Mazzotta
  • Balquis Al Rashed
  • Ahaad Alamoudi
  • Matteo Lonardi
  • Hannah Rose Thomas
  • Healing Arts Initiative
  • The Future is Unwritten
  • Bridges Tour
  • Crossing the Line
  • Mecca Journeys
  • The Main Idea
  • Ark Re-imagined
  • We The People

Epicenter X - Dearborn, MI

A group of Saudi artists visit Dearborn, Michigan, to exhibit their artwork at The Arab American Museum, where locals get a chance to see tart coming from the Middle East first-hand.

Parrallel Kingdom - Houston, TX

Arriving in the lone star state of Texas, a group of Saudi artists present radical new work at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston.

UN75: Countryside, The Future

Coinciding with the reopening of AMO’s seminal exhibition, Countryside, The Future, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, this UN75 Dialogue addresses urgent environmental, political and socio-economic issues in rural contexts.

UN75: Architecture after Catastrophic Change

Beatrice Galilee, founder of The World Around, explores case studies that show how Designers, Architects and Thinkers can collaborate and rebuild in a Time of Crisis.

UN75: The Healing Power of Arts after Trauma & Conflict

This UN75 Dialogue explores the use of the arts and healing after violent conflict and trauma and focuses on a specific case study relating to the preservation of Yazidi culture following the ISIS genocide in 2014.

UN75: THE TIME IS NOW - Museums as Agents of Change

The Museum of the United Nations - UN Live, hosts a discussion between pioneering museum leaders from around the world on how the cultural sector can confront the most pressing social and environmental issues facing humanity.

UN75: The Pilgrimage and the Pandemic

The Pilgrimage & The Pandemic brings together voices from the world of Art and Health to discuss this year's Hajj in the context of COVID-19 and the role of creativity in faith and spirituality during times of societal anxiety.

UN75: Letters to the Earth

On Earth Day 2020, The Future is Unwritten took part in 'Letters to the Earth' by streaming ‘Letters of Love in a Time of Crisis’ for the global community to unite in watching and listening to responses to the global pandemic and a planet in crisis.

ArtX - Laolu: Sacred art of the Ori

Human Rights lawyer turned artist, Láolú Senbanjo, unveils an immersive exhibition as part of his 2019 Freedom Residency at ArtX in New York

Phantom Punch – Lewiston, ME

A group of Saudi artists visit Lewiston, Maine, to exhibit their artwork at Bates College, where students get a chance to see the art coming from the Middle East first-hand.

Gonzo Arabia – Aspen, CO

A group of young Saudi artists travel to the heart of Hunter S. Thompson's America: Aspen, Colorado. There they present their work at the Gonzo Gallery to an astonished crowd not familiar with Middle Eastern art.

GENERA#IONS – San Francisco, California

A group of young Saudi artists exhibit their work for the first time in San Francisco, California, at the Minnesota Street Project.

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