CULTURUNNERS collaborates with artists and film-makers to produce and broadcast original content, offering alternative perspectives on the the most critical issues of our time.

  • Chip Thomas
  • Khaled Jarrar
  • Mona Chalabi
  • Ahmed Mater
  • Khalid Al Baih
  • Rashad Salim
  • Ajlan Gharem
  • Sara Ouhaddou
  • Shaweesh
  • Nugamshi
  • Abdulnasser Gharem
  • Balquis Al Rashed
  • Ahaad Alamoudi
  • Matteo Lonardi
  • The Future is Unwritten
  • Crossing the Line
  • Mecca Journeys
  • We The People
  • Out Among The Stars

ArtX - Laolu: Sacred art of the Ori

Human Rights lawyer turned artist, Láolú Senbanjo, unveils an immersive exhibition as part of his 2019 Freedom Residency at ArtX in New York

Epicenter X - Detroit, MI

A group of Saudi artists visit Dearborn, Michigan, to exhibit their artwork at The Arab American Museum, where locals get a chance to see tart coming from the Middle East first-hand.

Out Among the Stars

Moroccan artist, Sara Ouhaddou, embarks on a cross-country US road-trip, from East to West coast, in search of cross-cultural stories behind the powerful symbol of the five-pointed star.

Parrallel Kingdom - Houston, TX

Arriving in the lone star state of Texas, a group of Saudi artists present radical new work at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston.

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