UN75: The Healing Power of Arts after Trauma & Conflict

As part of Goals House @ UNGA, Community Jameel and The Future is Unwritten convened this UN75 Dialogue to highlight the healing power of art after trauma and conflict. The event explores ground-breaking research into the links between art and health and focuses on a specific case study relating to the preservation of Yazidi culture following the ISIS genocide in 2014. The panel is moderated by Katy Wickremesinghe, Founder, KTW London, and chaired by Fady Jameel, President, International, Community Jameel (Chair). Panelists include Injonge Karangwa, Chief Organizer at University of Global Health Equity, Hamwe Festival; Christopher Bailey, Arts & Health Lead, World Health Organisation; Hannah Thomas, Artist and Humanitarian Activist; Dr. Maher Nawaf, Director, Yazda UK and board member for Yazda Global; Antonella Caruso, Founder, LAMEDINA Institute and ex-Director of Middle East and Western Asia Division, Department of Political Affairs, United Nations; and Lord Ed Vaizey, Former UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries. This Panel was presented as part of The Future is Unwritten’s official program during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly in New York; in partnership with the Open Mind Project.

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Release Date

September 2020

Project Artists


Goals House @ UNGA, London

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Katy Wickremesinghe (moderator),
Founder, KTW London

Fady Jameel,
President, Community Jameel

Christopher Bailey,
Arts & Health Lead, World Health Organization

Hannah Rose Thomas,
Artist & Humanitarian Activist

Antonella Caruso,
Founder, LAMEDINA Institute

Dr. Maher Nawaf,
Director, Yazda UK

Injonge Karangwa
Chief Organizer at University of Global Health Equity, Hamwe Festival

Lord Ed Vaizey,
Former UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries

Artist Hannah Rose Thomas administering an art-making workshop with Yazidi women.

Left: Portrait of a Yazidi Woman by Hannah Rose Thomas
Right: Portrait created by a participant in Hannah Rose Thomas' art-making workshop within the Yazidi community.

Featured Artist

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Hannah Rose Thomas

Hannah Rose Thomas is an English artist and Durham graduate in Arabic and History, with an MA from the Prince's School of Traditional Art in London. Hannah's portraits have been shown at places including the UK Houses of Parliament, European Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Lambeth Palace, The Saatchi Gallery and Westminster Abbey.

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