UN75: Medicine Men, The Art of Health

This UN75 Moderated Dialogue brought together physician artists and curators to explore the healing power of art as a driver for improved health, education and social justice at this critical time. Following the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the discussion is framed within the dual crisis of a global pandemic and a climate emergency. The panelists will share their journeys from Medicine to Art, and explore the values of service, healing and collectivism that have guided their practice. How art can play a role in healing individuals, communities and societies both now and in the future. This dialogue features the perspectives of Medicine Men and we acknowledge the views of Medicine Women are not included in this panel discussion.

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Release Date

June 2020

Project Artists



Welcome to diabetes country copy

Christopher Bailey (Moderator), Arts & Health Lead, World Health Organization

Chip Thomas, aka Jetsonoram,
Artist Physician based on the Navajo Nation and Founder of The Painted Desert Project

Kōan Jeff Baysa,
Curator Physician and Founder of Honolulu Biennal Foundation, Director of iBiennale, Co-Founder of Joshua Treenial

Ahmed Mater,
Artist Physician based in Riyadh, Founder of Pharan Studio and Co-Founder of Edge of Arabia.

X-Ray, 2011

Ahmed Mater

Offset Print on X-Ray

Ahmed Mater

Painted Desert Project

Chip Thomas

Public Billboard artwork

Painted Desert Project

Chip Thomas

Public Billboard artwork

Featured Artist

Chip Thomas Culturunners

Chip Thomas

Chip Thomas, aka “jetsonorama” is a photographer, public artist, activist and physician who has been working on the Navajo Nation since 1987. Today, his public-art installations - known as the Painted Desert Project – are bolstering the community through a constellation of murals across the Navajo Nation painted by artists from all over the rez + the world.

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