Epicenter X - Dearborn, MI

Both Dearborn, Michigan, and Saudi Arabia serve as iconic social and cultural epicenters. Dearborn lays claim to the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the U.S. (and in any major city outside of the Middle East and North Africa), and has been the final destination for immigrants from the Arab World for nearly a century. Saudi Arabia is home to the two holiest sites of Islam and functions at a crossroads of culture, most notably during the annual pilgrimage to Makkah, known as Hajj.

Epicenter X explored contemporary Saudi culture by promoting meaningful dialogue between Saudi artists and U.S. audiences. Cutting through the political discourse of media outlets and government officials, the artworks featured in this exhibition opened doors to the lives of the Saudi people.

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Release Date

August 2017


Arab American National Museum
Dearborn, Michigan

G sp2 main 170123 Nugamshi performance rm 144
Epicenter X July 8 2017 1129
Epicenter X July 8 2017 1135
Epicenter X July 8 2017 1390
Epicenter X July 8 2017 1285
Epicenter X July 9 2017 1647
Epicenter X July 9 2017 1751

Nugamshi performance during 'Epicenter X'

Epicenter X Catalogue

View the full catalogue of 'Epicenter X' at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan
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