Agnes Bourely

Agnès Bourély


Agnès Bourély has entered the sphere of visual practice through a life enriched by a family of musicians. Encroaching from her mother and sister, as pianists and her father, a photographer, her eldest daughter is a violinist and sound engineer – she was occupied by the sounds of French impressionist music in neoclassical concert halls both by the generation that preceded and succeeded her. An acrobat of sorts, growing up in a neoimpressionist environment as a guitarist herself, has transformed Bourély’s abilities to diversify her stylistic analyses of familiar forms of nature into a deputy of visual sounds. Boldness starts to appear in the bulk-ability of the work and the contortionist acting out the story becomes the pathologist of solfège.

Bourély received her BA in painting; Diplôme d’Art Plastique, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Angers, France in 1986. She received a Silver Medal from The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado 1988. Her solo exhibitions include the French Consulate State Anzoátegui, Venezuela Gallery "Colette Dubois,” 420 Rue Saint Honoré Paris, France in 2015; The Ministry of Finance Bercy in Paris, France Gibert Joseph Library, Boulevard Saint Michel in Paris, France; Gallérie Colette Dubois, 420 Rue Saint Honoré Paris, France in 2014 and Esprit d’Atelie Gallérie in Versailles, France Le Vis-à-Vis Gallérie in Paris, France in 2013.


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