Isabel toledo

Isabel Toledo

Isabel Toledo is a Feminist, Actress, director and cultural manager. A beneficiary of the Young Creators 2021 program of FONCA. She is a graduate of the University Theatre Center at UNAM. She is working on her thesis for the Master in Theater and Performing Arts of the UNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her stage projects build documentary devices that bring together strangers in a performative experience. In 2014 she was a beneficiary of the Scenic Creators Program and, between 2017 and 2018, of the FONCA Young Creators Program. She is co-director of Las Desconocidas, a scenic research space that links projects from Mexico and Argentina. She is the founder of the Dolores del Río A.C. Cinematography and Performance Center. Based in the city of Durango, of which she is currently the Academic Director.

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