Sabrina Sarro Headshot

Sabrina Sarro

Sabrina Sarro is a writer, psychotherapist, and dynamic spirit exfoliator. Working primarily with BIPOC/LGBTQIA*/TGNC*/POLY-AM/Black folx, Sabrina has had clinical training in DBT, CBT, and a mixture of several different psychodynamic and eclectic approaches. They love to incorporate and use treatment modalities that de-platform whiteness, and posit a different psycho-spiritual take to emotional processing including: The Sacred Enneagram, Plant Therapy, Astrology, The Human Design, Somatic Work, and Sacred Intuition Work. They are a graduate from the Columbia University School of Social Work in NYC. Sabrina believes deeply that psychotherapy is not a linear process, nor should it be, and that it is a sacred relationship founded on discovery, reflection, and meeting their clients exactly where they are in their emotional journey. Sabrina is playful, warm, accessible, creative, and hands-on. They are an active practitioner and love to co-collaborate with their clients in making a treatment plan that best meets their presenting needs.

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