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Matteo Lonardi

Italian Photographer, Filmmaker and VR Director based between Nairobi and Milan.

Matteo Lonardi graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2014. Since 2010 he has been documenting artists around the world through photography, video and VR. Matteo founded the multimedia project Reframe and in 2013 Directed Reframe Iran which takes you into the intimate studio spaces of Iranian artists in exile. The film presents modern masters who fled the country in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution, offering an uncommon perspective into contemporary Iran. The film won a Magic Grant from The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia University in 2014 and best film at The World VR forum in Crans, Montana in 2016.

In 2018 Matteo teamed up with CULTURUNNERS to direct Reframe Saudi and explore Saudi Arabia from the perspective of a new generation of contemporary artists. As the country entered a new phase of social, economic and political transformation, the film transports you to the studios of artists across the Kingdom. Each of them, through their work, reflects on a different aspect of this transformative historical time.

Matteo's written, photographic and video work has appeared in international publications such as BBC, Creative Time, The Guardian, La Stampa, The Huffington Post and Il Corriere Della Sera and others.


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Reframe Iran presentation at World VR Forum, 2015. “When we think of Iran, what do we see?” Reframe Iran is a Virtual Reality video that transports the user into the world ofIranian artists in the diaspora. Once immersed, we experience Iran through the eyes of the artist from the intimacy of their studios.
Reframe Iran “Look - I’m not an ambassador for the Iranian society, the people of Iran, or the Muslim world... [my work] is my point of view.” Shirin Neshat, New York, N.Y.

Photo of Shirin Neshat by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Iran “The censorship in Iran in both regimes was constant.But after the revolution I felt it much more in New York” Nicky Nodjoumi , New York, N.

Photo of Nicky Nodjoumi by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Iran

Photo by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Iran presentation at World VR Forum, 2018. A new post-911 contemporary art scene has emerged in Saudi Arabia; artists have gone to extreme lengths to carve out an independent creative space. The art scene is a place of freedom where a small group of artists are re-imagining the society in which they live in.

Photo by World VR Forum

Reframe Saudi presentation at Art Dubai

Photo by Art Dubai

Reframe Saudi at Philips in New York


Reframe Saudi at Philips in New York


Still from Reframe Saudi
Still from Reframe Saudi
Reframe Saudi Rashed AlShashai

Photo by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Saudi Zahrah Al Ghamdi

Photo by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Saudi Ahaad Alamoudi

Photo by Matteo Lonardi

Reframe Saudi Ayman Yossri Daydban

Photo by Matteo Lonardi

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