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Day 1

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Mon 4pm GMT, 22 Mar 2021

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Frame of Mind

A Conversation about Art and Healing

No part of the world has been untouched by the pandemic, which has not only affected the health of millions and caused massive social and economic disruption but has taken a silent toll, through the isolation, anxiety, financial hardship and grief it has inflicted on every community. In this event Film, TV and Theatre actress Gillian Anderson and Christopher Bailey, the World Health Organization’s Arts & Health lead, discuss personal stories of how art can help comfort, confront difficult social problems and build community. They will also be talking to special guest, Sir Antony Gormley, who was one of the first to donate a work to the auction, and WHO director general Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, as well as introducing some of the community-based art projects being supported through the initiative. Ending segment including artworks and music by Martin Creed.


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HR Hannah Brown
HR Charley Peters
CREED106255 hires
Agportrait credit Oak Taylor Smith
Antony Gormley Dive

Short film from Hospital Rooms; participating in Day 2 and Day 3, and one of the recipients of the Artists Response Fund.

Hannah Brown, Atrium, Hellingly Centre, Courtesy Hospital Rooms

Charley Peters, Tribunal Room, Bluebird House, Courtesy of Hospital Rooms, photography Tim A Shaw

Martin Creed, Work No. 3435, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT, 2020. Installation at Braemar Castle, Aberdeenshire, UK

Antony Gormley, Artist, Photography by Oak Taylor Smith

Antony Gormley
Carbon and casein on paper
38.2 x 28 cm

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