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Jameel Arts & Health Lab

The Jameel Arts & Health Lab was co-founded by WHO Regional Office for Europe, NYU Steinhardt, Community Jameel and Culturunners in 2023. As a cultural initiative aimed at addressing the challeneges of global health and well-being through the arts, it has since evolved into a dynamic and healing platform promoting the transformative power of the arts in improving physical, mental and social health on a global scale. 

The lab includes a diverse range of research projects and events such as international research collaborations, public health campaigns, and city-based art activations. Its collaborations span institutions like Art Basel, Trinity University, and the United Nations, advocating for the integration of the arts into public health strategies worldwide. 


Project Films

Healing Arts Scotland Trailer

Influential voices in Scotland explore the arts' impact on health and well-being. This week-long celebration showcases how dance, theatre, exhibitions, and so much more improve physical, mental, and social health. Discover the joy and healing power these activities bring to communities, emphasising their vital role in improving Scotland's well-being.

Jameel Arts & Health Lab Launch Trailer

Collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Jameel Arts & Health Lab has advanced the integration of arts into public health worldwide. Co-founded by WHO Regional Office for Europe, NYU Steinhardt, Community Jameel, and Culturunners, this global initiative harnesses scientific evidence to inspire healing and well-being through creativity.

Jameel Arts & Health Lab x Art Basel | Healing arts: Reimagining healthcare

This panel discussion will mark the launch of a global healing arts initiative between the Jameel Arts & Health Lab in collaboration with the World Health Organization at Art Basel in Basel with speakers such as Refik Anadol, Noah Horowitz, among many others.

Jameel Arts & Health Lab Research Projects

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Music and Motherhood UCL
2019 WHO Report
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Research Collaboration and Evaluation through Healing Arts Scotland (CHASER)

Healing Arts Scotland 2024 (HAS) is an exciting, country-wide weeklong event celebrating and advocating for improved physical, mental and social health through the arts. Part of the Jameel Arts & Health Lab’s global ‘Healing Arts’ campaign, the one-week activation event is being produced together with a national coalition of organizations across culture, science, health, education and government as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, 19-23 August 2024.


Jameel Arts & Health Lab - Lancet Global Series on the Health Benefits of the Arts

A landmark series focused on non-communicable diseases. Convened by the Lab, the series connects over 50 researchers and artists to present evidence on the value of the arts in clinical and public health.


Hospital Murals Evaluation (HoME)

The largest study of its kind, aiming to better understand the impact of murals in hospitals on patients, staff, and visitors, and to study murals across different cultural contexts in Nigeria, Slovenia, the UK, and the US.


Music and Motherhood

A project exploring cultural considerations for arts and health interventions. In particular, using group singing for postpartum depression, which has been successful in the UK, in new contexts in Denmark, Italy, and Romania.

2019 WHO Report

This foundational publication synthesizes results from over 3000 studies, identifying a major role for the arts in the prevention of ill health, promotion of health, and management and treatment of illness across the lifespan.

Theatre to Reduce Discrimination in Healthcare

A project using dramatic arts and allied health sciences to develop and implement participatory theatre interventions that tackle health discrimination and inspire behavioural change among care workers in the US and Canada.



The Arts4Us project seeks to give children and young people mental health support by creating an accessible digital platform that houses evidence-based, local arts activities.


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